01. You must [respond] to our offer within 30 days or it will be withdrawn.
02. Most of the [respondents] to the opinion poll were between the ages of 20 and 25.
03. The rioters [responded] to police demands to disperse with rocks and bottles.
04. Have you received any [response] to your request for a raise?
05. Celebrities generally receive so much fan mail that it is impossible to [respond] to each and every letter personally.
06. The United Nations has called for an immediate international [response] to the request for food and clothing for victims of the earthquake.
07. When I asked her why she was late, she [responded] that it was none of my business.
08. Marty Indik once observed that confusion is always the most honest [response].
09. We haven't received many [responses] to the questionnaire we sent out.
10. Our [response] to the controversial social issues of our time will determine our future.
11. Children are [responsive] to parental influence partly because they are dependent on their parents' love and approval.
12. Auto Magazine praised the car's [responsive] handling, saying that it was a family car that felt like a sports car.
13. In [response] to Indian nuclear weapons testing, Pakistan conducted its own tests in 1998.
14. Mildred Bethel once observed that happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic [response].
15. Studies show that [responses] are strengthened when followed by a satisfying consequence.
16. Psychologists describe learning as a relatively permanent change in behavior or potential to [respond] that results from experience.
17. When I tried to make up with my girlfriend, she was very cold and [unresponsive]. I think our relationship is over.
18. Management has been totally [unresponsive] in dealing with our concerns.
19. The woman divorced the [respondent] on the grounds of adultery.
20. Although he is a big star, he still personally [responds] to all of his fan mail.
21. Her doctor says that she is [responding] well to treatment and may be released from hospital within a week.
22. The brain can be compared to an immense computer that processes information and then arrives at an appropriate [response].
23. The early migrations of man were largely an account of his [response] to the changing environment of the ice age.

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